Section-made pillow NeckRest 2.0

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Ergonomic and adjustable pillow for optimized comfort.

Comfortex NeckRest 2.0 gives you a comfortable reclining position for your head, neck and spine both when sleeping on your back and on your side. The softer center section results in a lower height for the head when sleeping on your back and firmer padding in the side sections for optimized support when sleeping on your side. By adjusting the panels you can easily adapt the cushion height to 6 different levels to find your personal optimized comfort.

Before the pillowcase is placed on the inner cushion try your NeckRest 2.0 in bed with all the panels. If it feels too high, remove them one by one until you find your optimal comfort. Note that two panels are 20 mm and one is 10 mm. This gives adjustability to six different levels with one cm in between. Keep your removed panels. With these, you can adjust the height after some period of use if the pillow has reduced its height. Then your NeckRest 2.0 will feel like new again.

Tailor-made pillowcase included.