Ergonomic equipment for correct posture – back, neck, shoulder and knee

Comfortex products

  • wedge shaped sit cushions to prevent back pain
  • plateau cushion to give a higher and firm sitting surface on low chairs
  • ergonomic pillows – section made and with adjustable height
  • ergonomic mattresses – section made with a soft mid part for a correct posture while sleeping
  • fitness training balls and other training equipment
  • car seat cushions CarRest and CarPad for comfortable sitting position

We also produce The Original McKenzie rolls for sitting position in chairs, office chairs, armchairs and sofas.
Mostly all rolls are produced in our own factory in Estonia, Tallinn.

Scanergo have since 2002 produced and developed ergonomic products for correction
of the posture and other types of equipment for ergonomic purposes.

The mother company Scanergo AB, is based in Sweden where most of the development is made, and our own production unit, Scanergo OÜ, is situated in Tallinn, Estonia in EU.

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